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Agora Energiewende

Berlin, Germany

With Germany´s definitive decision to phase out nuclear power and the spectacular growth of its renewable energies supply, the country has entered a new phase of its Energiewende. The old conflicts that once divided Germans over energy are a thing of the past. There is a broad societal and cross-party consensus about the long-term goals: Germany wants to shut down all of its nuclear power by 2022 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 to 95 percent no later than 2050. It is no longer a question of if when it comes to the clean energy transition, called the "Energiewende". What matters now is how to implement it. Currently, however, the discourse lacks a common definition of the challenges, a clear understanding of the possible solutions, and a concrete strategy for the next steps forward. This is where Agora Energiewende comes in. Along with other actors from politics, civil society, the business world, and science, Agora Energiewende aims to develop a common understanding of the problems, clarify the options, and discuss feasible policy measures. The goal of Agora Energiewende is to do this with a maximum of scientific expertise, in manner that is purposeful, action-oriented, and beyond ideological commitments. The focus of Agora Energiewende's work lies in the electricity sector. This is where the success or failure of the Energiewende will be decided. Agora Energiewende want to shed light on different, scientifically based scenarios for transforming the current system to one almost completely based on renewable energies.

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