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Centre for Economic and Social Studies

Centre for Economic and Social Studies ‒ CESS

Tirana, Albania

The Center for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) is an independent, non-partisan and nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of economic and social issues in Albania following the democratic changes of 1990. Naturally areas like migration, issues related to marginalized societal groups like Roma and Egyptians, economic and social development as well as regional and European integration, became the main areas of CESS research activity. With more than 100 successfully implemented projects and research studies in Albania and South Eastern Europe, CESS currently constitutes a main informative resource center on socio-economic issues, specifically on Albanian migration and Roma/Egyptians. CESS continuously and actively engages in public awareness activities, encourages professional debate and policy formulation on socio-economic issues.

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Rr. Mihal Duri, P.60/1/5, Tirana, Albania


Southern Europe

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