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Centro Paraguayo de Estudios de Población

Paraguayan Centre for Population Studies ‒ CEPEP

Asuncion, Paraguay

CEPEP offers quality, confidential, friendly and non-discriminatory sexual and reproductive health services. Its mission is to promote and defend the comprehensive health and sexual rights and reproductive rights of all people, especially the population least served and / or most discriminated against, in order to improve their quality of life. It seeks to raise the awareness ofdecision makers in the country, conducting studies in order to know and publicize the national reality, recommending actions and strategies based on the experiences and research developed, educating, training and providing quality services

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Avda. Perú 1284 c/ Ana Díaz, Asunción, Paraguay


South America

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English , Spanish

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Centro Paraguayo de Estudios de Población
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Founders: Founding members: Dr. Julio Morales, Dr. Darío Castagnino, Dr. Juan Carrón, Guillermo Heisecke, Dr. Domingo Rivarola, Dr. Carlos Cartes, Dr. Gustavo Riart, Dr. Antonio Ruoti, Dr. Arnaldo Silvero, Enrique Chase, Dr. Calos Mersán
Founder gender: All male
Leader(s) (2017): Karen Rivas (President)
Leader gender: Female


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Centro Paraguayo de Estudios de Población
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Centro Paraguayo de Estudios de Población
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Centro Paraguayo de Estudios de Población

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Last updated: 22/10/2017
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