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Centrum Rozwoju Edukacji Obywatelskiej

The Center for the Development of Citizenship Education ‒ CREO

Gdansk, Poland

The Center for the Development of Citizenship Education is an independent research, training and advisory institution dealing with comprehensive education of people involved in public activities. Through initiated initiatives, CREO aims to promote the idea of ​​a civil society based on national culture and tradition, and at the same time open to the exchange of thoughts and experiences with representatives of other societies. CREO promotes the attitude of active participation of citizens in social, political and economic life.

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Eastern Europe

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Last updated: 08/06/2021
Boundary organization (find out more): Yes
Defunct organization (find out more): Yes
Rating of data accuracy (find out more): Authenticated
Data sources consulted: Observatoire des Think Tanks Directory, Organisation´s website
Notes: Very little information available on the website, seems not to have been updated in a long time ( june 2021).No social media accounts nor information on web search found. Presumed defunct.
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