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Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia


Niigata, Japan

ERINA was established with the aims of (1) accumulating information about the economies of Northeast Asia; (2) carrying out relevant research; and (3) promoting economic exchange through the joint efforts of provincial areas. ERINA's mission is to contribute to the formation and development of the Northeast Asia Economic Subregion and to international society as a whole. Today, in collaboration with central and regional governments, research institutions, private groups, and international organizations from across Northeast Asia, ERINA continues to undertake various initiatives, including supporting economic exchange by provincial areas and promoting the Northeast Asia Economic Conference, where representatives of relevant countries and regions gather under one roof to discuss issues affecting the entire region.

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13th Floor, Bandaijima Building, Bandaijima 5-1, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, 950-0078, Japan


Eastern Asia

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Northeast Asia
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English , Japanese

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Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia
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Leader(s) (2019): Kawai Masahiro
Leader gender: Male


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Economic Research Institute for Northeast Asia
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