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Economic Research Institute


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Economic Research Institute aims to ensure a flow of high quality, peer reviewed analysis on policy issues, methods for conducting and providing research information to a broad range of audience. ERI translates research findings into data and information that are easily understood to make these accessible from the website and other means to the general public. The organization look for useful ways to identify and understand the demand for policy research and develop ways to tie academic skill and fundraising together, with the support of potential contributors by our rigorous operations with independence, focus, and high quality works in key areas of interest.

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ERI, Suite 901, Bodi Tower, Jigjidjav street 3 /Great Chinggis Khaan square/, Chingeltei district Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 15160


Eastern Asia

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English , Mongolian

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Economic Research Institute
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Economic Research Institute
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