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Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

EIIPD is an autonomous training, research, and think tank institution for the enhancement of peace, democracy, and development in the IGAD subregion. Essentially, EIIPD is a capacity building organisation created for Ethiopian foreign policy and decision-making exercises, but it also makes its services available for the benefit of countries in the Horn of Africa. EIIPD generally aims to: (1) expedite the development efforts of the country; (2) conduct studies on ongoing conflicts and contribute to peace-building efforts in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa; (3) enhance the capacity of government officials in the higher and middle echelons of government; (4) act as a bridge between and within the public and private sectors; (5) conduct policy research; and (6) network and liaise with international institutions that operate in the same area of interest.

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