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Fondation Copernic

Copernic Foundation

Paris, France

Since 1998, the Copernic Foundation has been working to "put right where liberalism makes things go backwards". Concerned about its independence and remaining in principle out of the electoral game, Copernicus is not linked to any political party, no union, no association, but is addressed to all political organizations, trade unions and associations, and especially to all those and those who are not resigned to the neoliberal order. Through its working groups, whose conclusions are published in the form of short argued works, Copernic takes part in the public debate and tries to shed new light on social and economic issues. Copernic disseminates short arguments and Notebooks, intended to equip everyone, not just activists, with alternative arguments and proposals.

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Fondation Copernic - BP 32 - 75921 Paris cedex 19


Western Europe

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