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Fundación Bofill

Bofill Foundation

Barcelona, Spain

The Jaume Bofill Foundation is a private cultural foundation created in 1969. Since then, the actions carried out promote knowledge of Catalan society, the debate on new ideas and proposals to move towards greater social justice, and the actions of diverse people and groups who also seek transformation and social change. It acts freely and with full independence in relation to public administrations, political parties, religious confessions and social and economic agents. The Jaume Bofill Foundation, in accordance with the mandate of its founders, does not avoid any of the issues that can contribute to building a fairer and more democratic society. Since 2009, the Jaume Bofill Foundation has focused its entire activity on education.

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Fundació Jaume Bofill, Provença 324, 1er., 08037 Barcelona


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