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Fundación de Investigaciones Marxistas

Marxist Research Foundation ‒ FIM

Madrid, Spain

The Marxist Research Foundation is a private cultural entity promoted by the Communist Party of Spain. It was incorporated in Madrid in 1978 and was recognized by Order of the Ministry of Culture on July 21, 1980 and registered in the Register of Foundations of the same Ministry with the registration number: 58. The purpose of the foundation is to "promote, promote and organize studies, seminars, debates, libraries, documentation centres, publications, development aid and, in general, all kinds of activities and initiatives, in the field of culture, the arts, sciences and international cooperation, inspired by Marxism as a theoretical and political current whose purposes are the liberation of man , international solidarity and the transformation of society".

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Olympus, 35 28043, Madrid


Southern Europe

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Fundación de Investigaciones Marxistas
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Fundación de Investigaciones Marxistas

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