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HELIO International is an independent, international network of leading energy analysts whose objective is to identify, assess, measure and publicise the contribution of energy systems and policies to sustainable and equitable development nationally, regionally and globally. These analysts carry out independent evaluations of national energy policies and inform decision- and policy-makers about their value and effectiveness. They also analyse and advise on ecodevelopment and climate stabilisation and cooperate with major energy organisations and networks. National reporters and regional coordinators collect and analyse energy data against a series of indicators selected for their relevance, clarity, balance and timeliness. Using a variety of HELIO-developed indicators as benchmarks, in-country experts provide an independent view of the national energy scene. Their reports can then be used by governments, industry, NGOs and other stakeholders to promote ecodevelopment through policy development, projects and local activities. This work has also include analysing the vulnerability and resilience of energy systems and policies within the context of climate change. HELIO's other activities include: - Providing independent input to the design and implementation of ecodevelopment, energy and climate projects; - Designing analytical tools and organising training workshops on energy policy assessment and monitoring; - Promoting the creation of citizen energy user councils.

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56 rue de Passy 75016 Paris - France


Western Europe

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HELIO International
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Founders: Hélène Connor
Founder gender: All female
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Leader(s) (2021): Laura E. Williamson
Leader gender: Female

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