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iDEMO Institut za demokraciju

Institute for democracy ‒ iDEMO

Zagreb, Croatia

iDEMO Institute for Democracy is a non-profit, non-partisan, independent non-governmental organisation dedicated to research, policy and advocacy work, education and promoting the development of democracy and active citizenship, advocating for citizens’ rights, fostering human rights of minorities and marginalized groups, and their integration in the society and social cohesion. The activities are focused on the areas of media, education, economic freedom and entrepreneurship, minorities and marginalized groups, rule of law, and transparency of political processes, but recent areas of interests include immigrant policy, energy efficiency, social innovation and culture in society. Since its establishment in 2006, iDEMO has carried a number of research, policy, advocacy and educational projects and campaigns. Our advocacy and education/training projects are aiming particularly youth.

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iDEMO Institut za demokraciju
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iDEMO Institut za demokraciju
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iDEMO Institut za demokraciju
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iDEMO Institut za demokraciju

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