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Institute for Policy and Legal Studies


Tirana, Albania

The Institute for Policy and Legal Studies (IPLS) is an Albanian non-profit, non- governmental organization, registered as a Foundation in May 1999, and located in Tirana, Albania. The idea of the founders to establish an institute with a view to pool high quality resources and work for the purpose of writing laws and recommending policy standards started in 1997, after the turmoil caused by the pyramid schemes, and was already maturing in 1998. At the time, the founders, most of them working for the Ministry of legislative Reform, came to believe that strong professional resources could be more easily pooled and managed and ideas more objectively developed outside of the government in the areas of legal writing and policy analysis. That idea was embraced by the East West Management Institute (EWMI), an American NGO based in New York, which then assisted in the foundation of IPLS.

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Sheshi. "Skenderbej " Pallati Kultures (QTZHK), kati II, Nr.9, Tirana, Albania .


Southern Europe

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