KIT Royal Tropical Institute

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This organisation may not be a traditional think tank. We have included it in this list as we deem it to be a 'boundary' organisation – in other words, it might have some qualities or characterstics of a think tank.

KIT Royal Tropical Institute is an independent centre of expertise and education for sustainable development. They assist governments, NGOs and private corporations around the world to build inclusive and sustainable societies, informing best practices and measuring their impact. Guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, their work focuses on health care, gender, economic development and intercultural cooperation.

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KIT Royal Tropical Institute, P.O Box 95001 1090 HA Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Western Europe

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Dutch , English

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Business model
For profit
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Independent , Other
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KIT Royal Tropical Institute
Netherlands average
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Founded by
Founders: Ministry of the Colonies, the City of Amsterdam, the Artis Royal Zoo, and prominent businesses active in the Dutch colonies
Founder gender: Other entities
Leader(s) (2023): N/A
Leader gender: N/A
Leader(s) (2022): N/A
Leader gender: N/A
Leader(s) (2021): Mark Schneiders (CEO)
Leader gender: Male


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KIT Royal Tropical Institute
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KIT Royal Tropical Institute
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KIT Royal Tropical Institute
Netherlands average
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Last updated: 08/06/2021
Boundary organization (find out more): Yes
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