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Kyoto Club

Rome, Italy

The Kyoto Club is a non-profit Italian organisation founded in February 1999. Its members are business companies, associations and local municipalities and governments engaged in reaching the greenhouse gases reduction targets set by the Kyoto Protocol. To reach its goals the Kyoto Club promotes awareness-raising initiatives, information and training to foster energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and sustainable mobility. Towards public decision-makers the Kyoto Club puts forward policy proposals to make decisions in the energy field more and more environmentally friendly. The Kyoto Club bases its activities on some key strategies: - The increase of the environmental dimension in business culture and the dissemination of best practices - The promotion of eco-efficiency policies and the use of renewable energy sources - The reduction of greenhouse gases emissions in Italian urban areas - The development of new eco-compatible productions and the investments in technological innovation - The mainstreaming of environmental management systems, eco and energy labeling - The dialogue and networking among institutions and companies

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Via Genova 23, 00184 - Rome


Southern Europe

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