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Mossaver-Rahmani Center for Business & Government, Harvard Kennedy School


Cambridge, MA, United States

M-RCBG is an incubator of ideas which inform policy-based options and solutions. Through our many programs and affiliated faculty, the Center studies regulation; it examines energy policies; it considers how best to protect the environment; it thinks about the role of public and private sector collaboration in education; it ponders the future of finance; it considers the future of the international trading system; it strives to develop paradigms through which sustainability can be an important idea in every part of economic discourse; it promotes corporate social responsibility at a time when business organizations are increasingly under challenge; and it focuses on markets as central institutions in our society--institutions that cannot stand completely alone without strong public policies that undergird their function.

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Weil Hall, 79 JFK Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

United States

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