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Sekretariat für Zukunftsforschung

Secretariat for Future Studies ‒ SFZ

Berlin, Germany

The non-profit SFZ is one of the leading institutes for international future research. Research draws on various disciplines, such as the natural, social, economic, and cultural sciences. In addition, it works on the basis of modern futurology and its methods. The focal points of the transdisciplinary research projects are: Fundamentals of future research, innovative technology impact research, sustainable development in society and economy, ecological management and circular economy, regenerative energies and efficient energy systems, sustainable environmental research, mobility and electromobility, long-term perspectives of the information society, future perspectives of education and culture , The SFZ develops long-term perspectives and practical strategies.

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Arnimallee 22, 14195 Berlin


Western Europe

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Sekretariat für Zukunftsforschung
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Leader(s) (2019): Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich
Leader gender: Male
Leader(s) (2018): Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich
Leader gender: Male
Leader(s) (2017): Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich
Leader gender: Male

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