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York Consortium on International and Security Studies (YCISS)

York Consortium on International and Security Studies (YCISS) ‒ YCISS

Toronto, Canada

YCISS, affiliated with York University, Canada, is guided by a philosophy that encourages theoretically informed empirical research in international and security studies. YCISS is a recognized leader in fostering interaction between national and international universities, governments, and private-sector and NGOs, facilitating work in areas that challenge the dominant assumptions about world politics. In pursuing a triple mandate of teaching, research, and outreach, YCISS maintains a commitment to fostering critical thinking and dialogue among scholars and between researchers and the policy community. Also, YCISS is committed to developing future capacity in the critical analysis of international security and, to this end, supports York University's academic programs.

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York Consortium on International and Security Studies (YCISS)
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