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Zaigal Research Institute


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The Zaigal Research Institute (ZRI) NGO is dedicated to the International Achievement of Comprehensive Health, Social and Policy Solutions. The main activity of ZRI is training medical doctors, and health and social science researchers on how to conduct research based on current theory and best practices. ZRI is creating a Mongolian Health Research database that incorporates health statistics from governmental and private health data and through meta-analysis of existing health, public health and medical research. The database, when released, will be open source and accessible to qualified researchers and practitioners. In addition, ZRI performs data analysis incorporating cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information. ZRI also prepares informative conclusions that support policy decision-making.

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Lux center Door #1001, Ch.Chagdarjav street, Bayanzurkh district, Ulanbaatar, Mongolia.


Eastern Asia

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