Case study: Think tanks pioneering in an AI-dominated landscape

5 February 2024

I have used ChatGPT to create a series of case studies to help illustrate my ideas recorded in my article ‘The promise and perils of AI in shaping tomorrow’s think tanks and foundations


In an era dominated by AI-driven decision-making, ThinkTank Alpha, a once-prominent research institution, faces dwindling attention and funding. With AI assistants bypassing traditional sourcing and web consultations becoming obsolete, the think tank embarks on an ambitious transformation strategy to reposition itself.

Challenges faced

  • Shift in Research Consumption: Audiences no longer rely on websites or long-form reports. Instant, AI-generated insights are preferred.
  • Opaque AI Recommendations: AI assistants often provide conclusions without clear source attribution, making it challenging for ThinkTank Alpha to showcase its work.
  • AI-Driven Funding: Potential donors utilise AI algorithms to identify and allocate funds to the most impactful research, sidelining traditional think tanks in favour of quick-result institutions.

The transformation

  • Open-source AI collaboration: ThinkTank Alpha creates an open-source AI platform, allowing global researchers to contribute, validate, and reference work. This transparency rebuilds trust in the source of information and showcases ThinkTank Alpha’s vast network and expertise.
  • Hybrid research publications: They introduce a two-tier publication system: AI-generated executive summaries paired with in-depth human analyses. This approach caters to both AI and human audiences, ensuring wide accessibility and depth.
  • Interactive virtual research seminars: To combat the declining website visits, ThinkTank Alpha launches virtual reality (VR) seminars, offering an immersive experience for participants to discuss and debate findings, simulating real-world interactions.
  • Funding appeal algorithms: Recognising the AI-driven funding landscape, ThinkTank Alpha develops its own AI models to forecast trending research topics. This predictive capability ensures they’re always ahead of the curve, making them more attractive to AI-driven funders.
  • AI-curated personalised Research Feed: Subscribers receive tailor-made research digests, curated by AI based on their interests, past reads, and current global trends. This personalised touch enhances user engagement and positions ThinkTank Alpha as a forward-thinking institution.
  • Ethics & accountability focus: ThinkTank Alpha launches a dedicated department focusing on the ethical implications of AI. By leading conversations on AI responsibility and accountability, they become the go-to institution for policy recommendations in this realm.


  • Revitalised engagement: The combination of AI and human touch revitalises ThinkTank Alpha’s relevance, appealing to a broader audience.
  • Increased funding: The proactive approach to AI-driven research trends catches the attention of AI-driven funders, leading to increased financial support.
  • Global collaboration: The open-source platform garners contributions from global researchers, solidifying ThinkTank Alpha’s position as a collaborative global leader.


ThinkTank Alpha’s journey underscores the importance of adaptability and innovation in an ever-evolving landscape. By seamlessly integrating AI with human expertise and emphasising transparency and ethics, institutions can not only survive but thrive in the AI-dominated future.