Updated: Call for proposals for chapters on communicating complex ideas

22 March 2012

[Note: two updates below in bold -not academic paper and there is a small grant available]

I am hoping to work on editing a book on the challenges that researchers face when attempting to communicate complex research ideas. Supported by GDNet, I am calling for short proposals from authors in developing countries to write a chapter for the book.

The idea is quite simple and inspired by a paper by Frances Cleaver:  Distilling or Diluting? Negotiating the Water Research- Policy InterfaceI must note however that we are not looking for an academic paper. I am looking for teams made up by at least a researcher and a communicator (or someone experienced in the subject) who will want to quite literally, sit down, reflect, discuss, and write down the experience of the researcher and his/her colleagues in his/her attempts to communicate complex ideas to policymakers, the media, civil society or any other relevant public.

The process could be led by either the researcher or the communicator and options to this arrangement will also be considered. As long as there is dialogue!

Along the way, too, I expect the team would write a few blogs (short) to keep us all updated with the process. The idea is that the process, the dialogue, will help researchers and communicators better understand each others’ perspectives and the ways in which they could work together (or could have worked together).

It does not have to be about current work, or about work of a particular organisation; in fact it would be best if there was a sufficiently long story to tell. The plan is to start writing in late April and have finished by August -so plenty of time!  We are also planning to organise a get together among the authors at some point in the process.

We are also able to offer a US$5,000 grant to cover any research costs. 

The Terms of Reference can be found here. If you are interested or have any questions please contact me directly ([email protected]) and/or send a proposal by the 26th March.