May 2, 2016


On Think Tanks TV now on air

Think tanks straddle an awkward space – they need to not only produce high quality, innovative research, but it also must be politically relevant and well communicated. Getting all of that right is a big task by any measure.

That’s why On Think Tanks has been working togher with Media Tank in New York City to produce a series of videos profiling different think tanks. The series will explore how these think tanks have gone about their policy-research activities and will also give some insights into the inner workings of the think tanks themselves.

The first set of videos is now available. These videos feature The Century Foundation, which describes itself as a ‘progressive, nonpartisan think tank that seeks to foster opportunity, reduce inequality and promote security in the US and abroad.

Based in New York, the Century Foundation works across a range of issues. In the first film, we profile their research on integrated schools in the US as a mechanism for mobility. And in the second we take a closer look at their comprehensive approach to research communications.

If you are based in New York and would like to be featured in a similar video do get in touch at [email protected]

We will be expanding our reach to other parts of the world soon so we’d like to hear from think tanks elsewhere, too.