5th Africa Think Tanks Summit

Organised by African Capacity Building Foundation
Event type External Event
Location Accra, Ghana
Start date 5 April 2018
End date 7 April 2018

The 2018 Africa Think Tank Summit aims at proposing strategies and actionable recommendations for think tanks to meaningfully contribute to the promotion of job creation while sharing knowledge and good practices and developing solutions to effectively tackle youth unemployment issues within the context of Africa’s vision as reflected in Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To this end, through the various keynote speeches, presentations, discussions, interactions and side-events, the Summit will address the following four (04) key objectives:

  • Discuss the role that effective leadership can play in addressing Africa’s youth unemployment challenge.
  • Share experiences on how to develop the requisite private sector that can create jobs for the youths.
  • Reflect on how to build the critical technical skills necessary for sustainable youth employment opportunities.
  • Offer practical solutions for youth employment in Africa through the sharing of innovations and good practices, including entrepreneurship and agricultural enterprises.
  • Launch the book ‘Creation, Management and Sustainability of Think Tanks in Africa’.

The 5th Africa Think Tank Summit is expected to generate the following outcomes:

  • Renewed, enhanced and sustained commitment of think tanks to proactively support the successful implementation of Agenda 2063 and Agenda 2030, with special attention on job creation;
  • Platform for networking via fruitful exchanges of ideas, knowledge and relevant experiences and good practices on what needs to be done to effectively and sustainably tackle youth unemployment in Africa (including an opportunity for think tanks to engage policy-makers, private sector and non-state actors);
  • Launch of the Book on ‘Creation, Management and Sustainability of Think Tanks in Africa’; and
  • Roadmap for building and sustaining national, regional and international partnerships around developing of a Coordinated Capacity Development Program on tackling youth unemployment and migration in Africa.