Ask the experts: the impact of think tanks on technology adoption and policies

Organised by Tech 2025
Event type External Event
Location Online
Start date 25 July 2018 2:30 PM (EST)
End date 3:30 PM (EST)

Please note: this event has been suspended due to ill-health. It will be rescheduled shortly.

Ask the Experts is a new Tech 2025 online learning series that offers a unique twist on learning about emerging technologies. Expert guest speakers participate in live video discussion and analysis on recent hot topics in the news and research on emerging technologies that highlight a particular problem or potential of the technology for us to explore through an interactive Q&A session. Then, we turn the tables and our guest speaker will ask  questions of participants to help solve the problem (making you the expert).

Enrique Mendizabal (Founder and Director of On Think Tanks). Enrique and his organization (On Think Tanks), founded in 2010, are leaders in defining and reporting on the global think tank ecosystem. In this session, Enrique will define for us what think tanks are, how they differ from country to country, and how think tanks today are being funded to do research (particularly in the emerging tech space) to impact public policy.