Free webinar: Business development in think tanks – who deals with what?

Start date 19 June 2019 3pm UTC

Who is ultimately in charge of strategic development and fundraising in think tanks? Do responsibilities lean more towards the management or staff members with a specific expertise? What is the right trade-off? Is there a one size fits all recipe? What is the best communication strategy towards partners and funders?

Scarlett Varga, Deputy Head of Development of Bruegel will share her experience on these questions and strategic considerations that inform how an organisation can approach partnerships.


Wednesday 19 June 2019, 3pm UTC.


This 45-minute webinar is free.


Scarlett Varga is Deputy Head of Development at Bruegel, the European economics think tanks based in Brussels. Her mission is to nurture existing and develop new strategic partnerships with private foundations and leading research institutes and think tanks, with special focus on Asia and the EU neighbourhood. She also contributes to the management of the visiting fellowship programme.

Prior to working in Bruegel, Scarlett worked for the renewable energy industry (solar) on research and industry-led projects. She worked and travelled extensively in Latin America, setting up energy cooperatives in the Atacama region and Patagonia. She is trained in Economics and Business (BSc) and the European Union’s Financing Schemes (MA). Her major interest lies in European economics, European and International funding schemes and financing.

In her private capacity, Scarlett is co-founder of the Brussels Binder- the online database aimed at bringing more female voices in policy debates- member of the Steering Committee and of the Communications Team. She speaks fluent Hungarian, Romanian, English, Spanish, French and she studies beginner level Chinese.