Free webinar: Advocacy tools, tips and tricks

Event type Courses
Start date 12 September 2018 1 PM UTC

Think tanks have to use a variety of tools to capture attention, shape debates, and influence policy.

This webinar will introduce a wide range of advocacy tools, tips and tricks to achieve maximum impact, including:  press releases, reports, ratings and rankings, submissions of evidence, video, freedom of information requests, strategic litigation, opinion surveys, letter-writing campaigns, petitions, and social media tools.

The webinar is 100% practical and includes many real-life examples of putting tools to good use.


This 30-minute webinar is free of charge.

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Till Bruckner has over a decade of experience in the field of research-driven advocacy. His professional history spans research, advocacy, policy analysis, and journalism. He has worked in a wide variety of contexts, including the UK, Afghanistan, Georgia, North Africa and the Caribbean. Till runs the TranspariMED campaign, advocates for Transparify, consults with a variety of organizations, and is a regular contributor to the On Think Tanks blog. He is interested in the hidden power relationships that structure global politics and our everyday lives, and in learning new ways of using research and advocacy to produce positive outcomes. Till holds a PhD in Politics from the University of Bristol. His full professional history and list of publications can be found on his LinkedIn page.