One year, 100+ ministerial changes in Peru: what can think tanks do?

Organised by OTT
Event type Event
Location Ca. Coronel Andrés Reyes 338, San Isidro 15046, Peru
Start date 28 August 2023 4:00 pm (GMT-5)

Political turmoil has gripped Peru in recent times, with five presidents in seven years painting a vivid picture of a nation in crisis.

Added to this instability are concerns such as reduced civic space, increased ideological polarisation, greater opacity in the decision-making process, the potential disruption of AI, communication and use of evidence, changes in the concentration of wealth and research funding, and more.

Hosted by the Old Dart Foundation, OTT will be engaging think tank leaders and local foundations in discussions about the grim state of affairs in Peru.

The format is ’round table’ under Chatham House Rule .

We hope to have a reflection on the context, how it affects Peruvian think tanks and what strategies and actions can be followed – both by think tanks and by those organisations that support them.