Outcome Mapping Training Workshop: Tools for Dealing with Complexity in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Organised by Southern Hemisphere
Event type Courses
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Start date 16 February 2016
End date 18 February 2016

Outcome Mapping Training Workshop: Tools for Dealing with Complexity in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation which will take place in Johannesburg from 16–18 February 2016.  The objective of this course is to clarify ‘complexity’ and ‘systems’ concepts for use in planning, monitoring & evaluation; introduce and apply the tools of Outcome Mapping; and to critically assess if and how these concepts and tools could be useful in your work.

Outcome mapping (OM)

OM is a methodology for planning and assessing projects that aim to bring about ‘real’ and tangible change. It has been developed with international development in mind, and can also be applied to projects (or programme) relating to research communication, policy influence and research uptake. An growing international community on outcome mapping is supported by the Outcome Mapping Stewards, so for more on outcome mapping visit http://www.outcomemapping.ca/

Or for a quick summary visit :  http://betterevaluation.org/plan/approach/outcome_mapping


Participants will learn how they can:

  • Identify and deliver diversified strategies
  • Clarify and measure intended outcomes
  • Locate and measure outcomes that emerge unexpectedly
  • Have an understanding of the importance of integrating monitoring and evaluation from the planning stage
  • Involve stakeholders in all processes
  • Foster organisational learning, and
  • Track and report on the complex processes of social change

Participants will leave the course with a very practical understanding of Outcome Mapping !!


To attend completed the attached registration form and fax or email it to us (together with proof of payment) by 15th January 2016 (early bird discount of 10% will apply if payment received by 4th January). Cost: R6,700 plus VAT (if applicable) = R 7,638 per participant.

About our trainer

We are thrilled to be bringing Julius Nyangaga to South Africa.  He is one of the Stewards of the Outcome Mapping Learning Community (OMLC; http://www.outcomemapping.ca/), a global, informal, open membership network for sharing information and facilitating learning on using Outcome Mapping.  As such he has been very involved in growing and improving Outcome Mapping globally, and throughout Africa in particular.

He is currently the CEO and a senior consultant for Right Track Africa (http://righttrack.co.ke/), a consortium of professionals in Kenya established in October 2013 to provide services in Strategy Development, Business Development Services, and Monitoring and Evaluation. He has an esteemed history working in the development sector.   Julius’ specialises in linking knowledge with action through project planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation (M&E). His particular interests are in M&E in general (training and services), and Outcome Mapping in particular, integrating the methodology to all aspects of program management.