Theory of Change training course

Organised by Southern Hemisphere
Event type External Event
Location Johannesburg, South Africa
Start date 3 September 2019
End date 4 September 2019

Southern Hemisphere’s Theory of Change course will be run at the Focus Rooms, Sandton, Johannesburg on 3 – 4 September 2019.

Theory of Change is the current buzz word in development work and M&E. But what is it all about? This workshop introduces Theory of Change as both a product and a process, where we will work through the process. It is very interactive and practical, and you will be able to formulate a Theory of Change for the case study you are working on. Theory of Change is a tool that describes a process of planned change, from the assumptions that guide its design, the planned outputs and outcomes, to the long-term impact it seeks to achieve.  Also, see how Theory of Change can be derived from other processes such as logical framework approach. The course will provide a space for development practitioners to learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.


Having completed the course, the participants will understand:

  • Theory of Change as a product and a process
  • Why Theory of Change has become so prominent
  • How Theory of Change, logic models, log frames etc. relate to one another
  • The importance of being clear about why change happens – linking pathways of change to programme theories
  • How assumptions and pre-conditions build your pathways to change

Participants will also be able to develop a Theory of Change and draw a representation thereof.


To achieve these outcomes, full participation is required. Dynamic adult education methods are used to stimulate learning.


R 5,400 per participant, which includes training, course materials, tea, coffees and lunches during the training. Early bird discount of 10% applies for registration and payment before 31 July 2019. A further discount of 10% will apply to participants if there are 3 or more from the same organisation.

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