Webinar: Changing the business model

Organised by On Think Tanks, ILAIPP
Event type Event
Location Online
Start date 9 May 2018 2 PM GMT
End date 3:30 PM GMT

Guillermo Gonzalez, outgoing Director of Espacio Público, a Chilean think tank, will lead a webinar on their recent experience of completely changing their business model.

Back in 2015, Espacio Público was 80% funded by core funding and 20% project funding. After a year of changes, it emerged in 2017 with 70% project funding, 20% core funding and 10% domestic funding.

This was not easy. It required an organisation-wide consensus, lots of planning, a learning approach to change, and perseverance.

In this webinar organised in partnership with ILAIPP, the Latin American think tank network, Guillermo Gonzalez will share insights of the change process and answer your questions.

The programme:

  • Guillermo Caballero will kickstart with a brief presentation answering a few questions related to the business model before and after and how the organisation changed in the process. Please read this interview as his presentation will build on it.
  • Julie Lafrance, Senior Program Specialist at the Think Tank Initiative, will follow by asking further questions about the motivation for the change, and if and how they worked with their funders.
  • Ana Patricia Muñoz, Executive Director at Grupo Faro, will then add a few comments on the relevance of this experience to an organisation like Grupo Faro.

Those joining the webinar will then have a chance to ask questions to the panel.