Webinar: Crowdfunding for think tanks

Organised by On Think Tanks, ILAIPP
Event type Event
Location Online
Start date 26 June 2018 5:00 PM (GMT)
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FUSADES, a think tank based in El Salvador, has been exploring crowdfunding as an approach to raise new resources for their work. They have partnered with  HIPGivethe first and only bilingual crowdfunding platform focused solely on advancing Latino social impact projects and promoting philanthropy across the America, and MediaTank, who specialise on visual story-telling for think tanks, to develop a crowdfunding campaign.

This webinar presents an opportunity to share their experience and address some common questions and challenges that think tanks can expect to face when developing crowdfunding campaings:

  • How to choose the best crowdfunding platform for a think tank project? Is Kickstarter always best?
  • How to make a policy research project attractive for crowdfunding?
  • Is it possible to combine online with offline crowdfunding?
  • What are the characteristics of a successful crowdfunding campaign?

In this webinar is organised in partnership with ILAIPP, the Latin American think tank network.

The programme:

  • Anita Gallagher and David Asue Zepeda, from HIPGive will provide an overview of crowdfunding opportunities for think tanks
  • Carmen Vergara, coordinator of the Cooperation Unit at FUSADES, will reflect on how they have applied crwodfunding to their projects and the lessons they have learned so far.
  • Michael Kleiman, director of MediaTank, will offer some insights into how to develop an effective video for a crowdfunding campaign.

Those joining the webinar will then have a chance to ask questions to the panel.

Watch the video of the webinar here: