What Works Climate Solutions Summit

Organised by WhatWorks
Event type External Event
Location TU Berlin
Start date 9 June 2024
End date 12 June 2024
The What Works Climate Solutions Summit is a high-level conference for evidence-based climate policy .

It will promote and catalyse synthetic evidence on climate solutions for upcoming climate change assessments – particularly the IPCC’s 7th Assessment Report ─ as well as other forms of scientific policy advice.

To achieve this goal, the Summit brings together leading experts on climate solutions, key institutions curating scientific policy advice on climate change such as science assessment bodies (IPCC, UNEP Emissions Gap etc.) and science academies, evidence synthesis communities (Campbell Collaboration, Cochrane, Collaboration for Environmental Evidence, Evidence Synthesis International, Evidence-based Research Network) as well as policymakers, research funders and other users of evidence/stakeholders.