Workshop Innovation in Evaluation: Big Data, Blockchain, and Human-Centered Design for Development Programming

Organised by The Development Cafe
Event type External Event
Location School of Design, University Trisakti, Jakarta
Start date 25 July 2018 9:00AM (WIB)
End date 27 July 2018 6:00PM (WIB)

E Dev is a project of The Development CAFÉ. We offer fully online or semi online courses for students, professionals in the development sector or in related fields. Fully Online courses do not have a field work component, for semi online courses, you will be required to do field work with a project of your choice or as suggested by us.

The workshop will cover:

  • The data revolution and the implications for international development
  • Case studies illustrating applications of big data in a development evaluation
  • The promise of big data for monitoring and evaluation – and the challenges
  • A framework for integrating big data into monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL)
  • Adaptive Programming and developing a ‘Culture of Evaluation’
  • Managing big data inclusive evaluations and understanding the big data ecosystem
  • EvalC3 and the development of prediction models and the representation of Theories of Change
  • Data Clinics: Design Thinking in M&E for choosing the right tools.
  • Introducing Blockchains and IoTs (Internet of Things) and their use in Data Capture, Storage, and Dissemination. (Lessons from the Field)
  • Case Studies of Application (Government, Private Sector, Development Sector and Tech Industry)


  • Michael Bamberger (Independent Consultant)
  • Rick Davies (Creator of Most Significant Change)
  • Valentine Gandhi (The Development CAFE)
  • Diastika Rahwidiati (Pulse Lab Jakarta)
  • Setiaji (Jakarta Smart City)
  • Kyriacos Koupparis (USAID)