On Think Tanks Fellowship Programme

The OTT Fellowship offers personal and professional development to thinktankers and policy entrepreneurs.

Each year, On Think Tanks, opens its doors to thinktankers from around the world who are committed to undergoing a process ofpersonal and professional development, and who want to bring about change within their organisations.

The OTT Fellowship is a five-month collaborative-working programme designed for current and promising think tank leaders. It builds on the knowledge and experience of our global community and the School for Thinktankers. 

Our Fellowship offers thinktankers the opportunity to:

  • strengthen core think tank and leadership skills and competencies 
  • learn from, network and exchange with. current and past think tank leaders
  • help shape the development of your organisation and think tank community.

‘The OTT Fellowship was a life-changing experience – both professionally and personally. Prior to joining, as an early mid-career professional at a think tank in Pakistan, I was stuck with no clear understanding of skills I needed to develop to move up the career ladder. I lacked clarity on my work’s purpose, andwhy it was not as impactful as I wished it to be. OTT provided me the mentorship and advice. It connected me to a network from across the world that was supportive, insightful, and eager to learn. It gave me the confidence to take responsibility for my learning and development, and practical ways to do so. I wish there would be more programmes like this one that are so invested in developing young thinktankers around the world!’

Fayyaz Yaseen, 2017 OTT Fellow and Director Accountability Lab Pakistan 

Support a Fellowship programme 

The OTT Fellowship is possible thanks to the support of the Hewlett Foundation. If you would like to support or co-design a future Fellowship programme to meet your needs, we would love tohear from you. Read more about our 2018 Fellowship partnership with the Think Tank Initiative.

The OTT Fellowship 2022 is kicking off!!

9 thinktankers embarked on an exciting five-month programme to work on a specific challenge or project with expert mentors and peers.

Meet the 2022 OTT Fellows.

Learn more about the OTT Fellowship 2022.

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