Take the scaling impact survey 2020

28 June 2020

This survey is part of an external evaluation of IDRC’s 2015 strategic objective to scale research results.

Your expertise, experience and perspectives are an essential part of this evaluation, to help IDRC learn about how it can better support its programs and projects to achieve impact at optimal scale.

IDRC is committed to sharing the lessons and insights from this evaluation back with you and the broader research for development community.

There are two surveys, please check which is most relevant to your work:

  1. GRANTEE SURVEY: for anyone who has been involved in an IDRC-funded or co-funded project that began after 2015. Ideally you were involved in the project from its inception, or you have a good understanding of the initial project design. If this is not you, but you can forward it on to someone else in your organisation, please do. If you have been involved in multiple IDRC grants, please choose the one most relevant to scaling. Take the survey.
  2. DONOR SURVEY: for anyone who has been involved in funding development research that began after 2015. The research could be implemented internally or by external organisations. Take the survey.

Before completing the survey, you can learn more about IDRC’s approach to scaling and how it may relate to your work in this 2-minute animation and fact sheet. Find out more about the evaluation.

The survey closes on 30 July 2020. 

Join a grantee focus group: if you’re interested in joining a small focus group to share and discuss your experiences further, get in touch.

Sign up for an individual interview: if you’re interested in sharing more qualitative insights with the evaluation team, please get in touch.

Data privacy: Only the external evaluation team will have access to the raw data. Aggregate data and examples will be included in evaluation reports to IDRC, and the final report published on IDRC’s open access digital library. However, no individual or organisation will be singled out or their identity disclosed. If you have any questions or concerns about data use and management, contact the evaluation team.