14 August 2018
SERIES OTT School Library


Desafíos y oportunidades del trabajo con gobiernos (spanish)

Presenters: Ángela Penagos (Director of RIMISP), Osvaldo Molina (CIUP Researcher) and Juan Rodi (CIPPEC Researcher). Facilitated by Leandro Echt (On Think Tanks).

November 2017

In this webinar the panellists answer a set of questions : Why do governments work with think tanks? What are their incentives? In what stage of the policy process are there more opportunities for think tanks to engage with governments? What strategies are effective to engage with governments? And many others relating to the challenges and opportunities in working with governments. They respond based on their experiences as researchers, think tankers and profesors.

This webinar was organised by OTT and ILAIP as part of the series of webinars “Fortaleciendo la sostenibilidad financiera de ILAIPP y sus miembros” (Strengthening the financial sustainability of ILAIPP and its members).


Short course: Advocating to influence people, politics and policies

Presenter: Till Bruckner (Transparify and Transparimed)

October 2017

Advocacy tools and techniques are constantly evolving. Advocacy helps organisations be noticed. In the first webinar Till covers the basics of advocacy and then moves on to explaining how to develop and advocacy strategy, in particular: positioning, goal setting and issue analysis.

In the second webinar, he continues working on and advocacy strategy covering: stakeholder mapping, coalitions, framing issues, developing messages and changing policy. The session finalises with common pitfalls and Till shares some examples of how things can go well and some lessons he has learnt the hard way, and discusses common mistakes with listeners.

The background note produced for this course explores these issues further and gives readers access to further resources.

Selected articles and resources