Collaborative Projects: Performance Self – Assessments for Think Tanks

20 February 2015
SERIES About The On Think Tanks Exchange

The Performance Self-Assessment for Think Tanks (PSATT) project is one of the collaborative projects of The Exchange.

“Performance” is a very broad concept – too broad to be fully addressed within the scope of this project. The team used the Jakarta meeting to identify some key dimensions of performance that could be tackled in the pilot: governance, knowledge management, quality control and strategic direction. After the Jakarta meeting, the team then got down to work to agree on working definitions and indicators for each of these dimensions of performance.

Right after Jakarta, the team also began work on the self-assessment tools to be used in the pilots, refining the tools and deciding how they will be implemented in practice; refining the case studies structure, and publishing a blog post on their experience of the Jakarta meeting.

The next steps include adapting the tool to an online survey format and translating the survey into the different languages. The goal is to complete this work and implement the online survey in February, with follow up interviews in March.

The team is slightly behind schedule, but expects to make up the delay by the time of the Quito meeting. After Quito the team will begin work on the case studies.