Day 2 of #TheExchangeRio

21 September 2015
SERIES News and Announcements

Day two of the Exchange in Rio left little to report except that the participants worked in their teams for most of the day.

They had received feedback from the Editor and the organisers and focused on incorporating them into their projects.

They took different approaches tot do this. The Communications team had had a chance to provide feedback to one another throughout the course of the entire project so they focused their time on each of their cases. The Performance Self-Assessment team, instead, used the face-to-face opportunity to offer each other 1 to many peer assistance -they took turns to review each of the cases.

The Business Models team, on the other hand, managed the process rather differently as it had to balance the time that one of its members spent with the Performance team.

At the end of the day, the Business Models and the Performance Self-Assessment teams presented their projects in a mock presentation. This gave everyone the opportunity to offer group feedback to them -both regarding their projects and the manner i which they were presented.