Final Agenda for #TheExchangeJakarta Event

26 September 2014
SERIES News and Announcements

We are about to start the second all-participants’ meeting in Jakarta Indonesia, hosted by Article 33 Indonesia. If you are interested, you can have a look at the agenda below. Over the next week, we will be blogging about each day of the event (5 days this time around). We will also share some insights from the participants about their own experiences and learnings from their participation in The Exchange. Stay tuned by following the hashtag: #TheExchangeJakarta

The second Exchange Meeting – Jakarta, 29th September – 4th October 2014

The Objectives

The meeting has the following objectives:

  1. Kick-start the collaborative projects: each team will make progress in presenting initial research/work, make specific plans, and/or develop tools, questionnaires, or other things that require close collaboration.
  2. Learn about Indonesian think tanks (and their context): the participants will have an opportunity to learn more about Indonesian think tanks and the challenges and opportunities they face.
  3. Reflect on ‘lessons so far’ about collaboration: the participants will share their own reflections regarding barriers and opportunities for collaboration based on their experiences so far.

The Schedule

We have incorporated some lessons from the Lima meeting. We are giving people more time to settle in after arriving in Indonesia. Some will be traveling up to 40 hours to get to Jakarta.

We are also mixing the time in the office with a day out to give participants the opportunity to engage across projects.

Finally, we have teamed up with SMERU (a local think tank) and KSI (one of The Exchange’s funders) to organise an event on Wednesday. This event will allow the participants to meet other think tanks in Indonesia. The Executive Director of one of the participating think tanks, Grupo Faro from Ecuador, will be traveling to Jakarta to seek out new links between Indonesian and Latin American think tanks. This is an example of how The Exchange can serve as a ‘platform’ for new collaborations.

Day & Time Session People involved and location
Sunday Sept 28th Arrival Hotel
Monday Sept 29th    
10am Leave to Article 33  
1030am-1130am Introduction: welcome, objective of the Workshop, agenda. Enrique Mendizabal and Stephen Yeo

A33 Office

1130am – 1230am Re-introductions to the think tanks. Each participant briefly introduces his or her think tank to each other focusing on a paradigmatic aspect of their organisation:

“To understand our think tank you must understand this ….”

All participants

A33 Office

1230am – 130pm LUNCH A33 Office
130pm-4pm Introduction to Indonesian think tanks

Presentations and Q and A

Ermy Ardhyanti, Bambang Hudayana

A33 Office

4pm-5pm Team work to start work on the collaborative projects:

  • Define specific objectives for the week
  • Share with the rest of the participants
Each group

A33 Office

Free evening    
Tuesday Sept 30th    
8am Meet to go to Article 33  
9am-10am Introduction to the Performance Assessments and Communications projects:1)    A team leader (or all team members) provide a short presentation of their project and progress so far (no more than 10 minutes).2)    After questions of clarification the organisers outline some of the main challenges and recommendations offered by the reviewers Team members from each project and Stephen Yeo

A33 Office

10am-1230am Team work Each group

A33 Office

1230am-130pm LUNCH  
130pm-4pm Team work Each group

A33 Office

4pm-5pm Reporting back on progress Each group

A33 Office

7pm Group Dinner  
WednesdayOct 1st    
8am Convening and travel to SMERU All participants


9am-12am Meeting with KSI partners All participants

SMERU Office

12am-1pm LUNCH SMERU Office
1pm-3pm Meeting with KSI partners SMERU
330pm -430pm Meeting to briefly discuss lessons from the day Team members

SMERU Office

Free evening    
ThursdayOct 2nd (Open to review depending on progress)  
830am Meet to go to Article 33  
9am – 11am Team work Each group

A33 Office

11am-1pm Presentations of projects and next steps Group representative

A33 Office

1pm -2pm LUNCH  A33 Office
2pm-3pm Lessons from collaboration so far. This is a facilitated session where participants will share some of the lessons learned form the first phase of the projects. Enrique Mendizabal and team members

A33 Office

3pm-4pm Conclusions and follow up Stephen Yeo, Enrique Mendizabal and others

A33 Office

Free evening    
FridayOct 3rd    
8-10am Trip to Old City and Jakarta Harbour area Ermy Ardhyanti/team

Hotel to Old City

10am-12am City Tour/Social event Ermy Ardhyanti/team

Old City

12am -1pm Good-bye Lunch Old City
330pm – Free afternoon or Sarinah