Launching the On Think Tanks Exchange for collaboration between think tanks

17 October 2013
SERIES News and Announcements

The On Think Tanks Exchange is a new initiative that aims to encourage and support exchanges between think tanks for the purpose of developing new relationships, facilitating collaboration in research projects, institutional development, and policy influencing efforts.

The Exchange is being launched with a project co-supported by the Think Tank Initiative, the Think Tank Fund, and On Think Tanks. It is managed by a small team.  

The Exchange project involves a series of face to face meetings and webinars (exchange events) over a period of two years. At the end of the first year, the participants will begin a set of  collaborative research projects. Throughout the two years, participants will also engage in an action learning project to reflect on the barriers on collaboration for think tanks. At each event (face-to-face and webinars) they will discuss one or two policy or organisational development issues. The choice of issues will be driven by the think tanks themselves.

This website will provide an up-to-date and ongoing account of the process including: all materials presented and used at the events (face to face and webinars), descriptions and updates on the collaborative projects, lessons emerging from the action learning project, and lessons emerging from the project itself, based on frequent after action reviews.