The On Think Tanks School

The On Think Tanks School offers a range of capacity building opportunities for thinktankers and think tanks alike to develop their personas and organisational competences.

The first short course of the 2017 series, Monitoring, evaluation and learning about policy influence: how to get some certainty amidst all the complexity, starts March 16th.

Striking a balance between flexibility and structure might be the way ahead to monitor, evaluate and learn about policy influence.

It is critical that think tanks design their programmes considering their context, and monitor how the intervention is working, for whom and in what way in relation to the context.


Vanesa Weyrauch and Dena Lomofsky, course facilitators

The On Think Tanks School is an effort to bring together the best research and practice on think tanks, policy research centres, evidence based policy, policy research networks, and other related issues in a way that helps develop the necessary personal skills and organisational competencies to support better policymaking.

What is on offer?

The On Think Tanks School will offer a number of different capacity building interventions such as:

  • Short and Long Courses on key think tank organisational issues,
  • Online and face-to-face courses and workshops, addressing personal thinktanking skills and competencies, including leadership, management, communications, and research skills and methods, and
  • Long-term capacity building efforts including bespoke interventions, certificates and postgraduate degrees.

Who will deliver the training?

Our faculty, trainers, facilitators will have first hand experience on the issues presented and discussed. And we will endeavour to incorporate the latest pedagogical approaches to our work.

Above all, the On Think Tanks School aims to foster a community of thinktankers and think tank supporters that can promote the continuous evolution of think tank practices for better outcomes of their work.

The 2017 Evolving Think Tanks Short Course Series is now available. Register now!

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The On Think Tanks School has been created thanks to the support of the Hewlett Foundation, the Think Tank Initiative, the Think Tank Fund and its trainers.

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If you have any questions about our Evolving Think Tanks Series, about the different types of courses, or about individual courses, please get in touch.