The On Think Tanks School

The OTT School offers a range of capacity building opportunities for policy entrepreneurs, thinktankers, think tanks and policy research centres to develop their personal and organisational competences.

What is on offer?  

The OTT School offers courses developed from over 20 years of experience on research and research practice along with our continued study and support of think tanks, policy research centres, evidence informed policy initiatives and policy research networks around the world. We provide participants with the necessary knowledge to develop the personal skills and organisational competencies needed to support better policymaking. 

Our offer is focused around the following key themes: 

  • Governance and management of policy research organisations 
  • Funding 
  • Research 
  • Communications 
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning 

Our learning opportunities are delivered in five ways: 

  • Strategic Policy Research series: participants will learn on their own time and at their own pace and will be invited to participate on an online forum with fellow participants. Each course will include an online webinar with an expert. Participants will have the option of submit a task to be reviewed by the expert.  
  • Strategic Communications series: delivered through eight to ten units, each including an online webinar which participants will have to attend. Participants will have the option of submit a task to be reviewed by the trainers.  
  • The WinterSchool for Thinktankers: every year, On Think Tanks, in partnership with foraus, Southern Hemisphere and the Swiss Delegation to the United Nations in Geneva, host a week-long bootcamp for thinktankers. This is a great opportunity to learn directly from leaading figures in the think tanks world.   
  • Other face-to-face training: These face-to-face courses address personal and organisational skills and competencies, including leadership, management, communications, and research skills and methods. Our workshops are customised for specific organisational needs.  

Who delivers the trainings?

The OTT School is a community of thinktankers and think tank supporters who promote the development of think tank practices for better outcomes of their work. 

The OTT School has been created thanks to the support and contributions of the Hewlett Foundation, the Think Tank Initiative, the Think Tank Fund and its partners and trainers. 

Would you like to learn more about the OTT School? Drop us a line!