President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Global Americans Chief Operating Officer
Global Americans is seeking a President & CEO to oversee the organisation’s staff and operations.

Brief description of the organisation

There is a need to broaden analysis and discussion of the Americas within a global context. The non-profit Global Americans seeks to provide that platform and space. Global Americans conducts research and analysis on various topics, such as democracy and human rights (including LGBT rights), social inclusion, social investment and violence in Central America, and the foreign policies of the region. Global Americans’​ research helps to create advocacy tools for activists in the region.

Their website,, provides a platform not only for our research and analysis, but also for the opinions and analysis of a wide range of scholars and activists. Global Americans specializes in providing analysis and opinions about the Americas from leading scholars written and packaged for policy impact and popular debate. They offer readers and the media regular, evidence-based and research-driven analysis and opinion in key areas and topics affecting the Americas and its role in the world, including democracy and human rights, international economics, social inclusion, crime and violence, and foreign affairs.

Brief description of the role

Working remotely, or preferably in Washington D.C., the President & CEO oversees the organisation’s staff and operations and is tasked with executing the business plan developed in collaboration with the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. The President & CEO serves as the principal spokesperson of Global Americans. The President & CEO’s duties include cultivating and increasing the pool of thinkers and writers who collaborate with Global Americans, with collaboration and support from members of the Board, and also include developing grant proposals and securing grant funding to support existing and new programming of Global Americans consistent with its mission to engage in non-partisan, pragmatic, solutions-oriented policy analysis and recommendations for foreign relations in the Americas.

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Shape Global Americans’ short, medium, and long-term strategic vision.
  • Cultivate and increase the pool of thinkers and writers who collaborate with Global Americans.
  • Lead existing long-term projects, including Global Americans’ work on U.S.-Caribbean relations, Afro descendent leadership, disinformation, and U.S., Ecuador relations, among others.
  • Disseminate Global Americans work product, including briefing US and Latin American policy makers, including in Congress.
  • Organize and coordinate logistics for program events including meetings, briefings, private roundtables, dialogues, and conferences.
  • Develop and implement a fundraising plan for Global Americans, including cultivating major donors and other sources of funds with a goal of a long-term sustainable organisation.
  • Develop financial reporting policies and procedures as necessary.
  • Assist in development and writing of grants for Global Americans’ programmes.

Experience and skills

  • Graduate degree or bachelor’s degree and equivalent experience in related field.
  • U.S. government experience in the executive or legislative branches, or equivalent relevant experience in senior management of “think tanks” or academic leadership.
  • Strong management skills with demonstrated experience in successfully leading teams and managing projects.
  • Proven track record of fundraising for non-profits or political campaigns.
  • A demonstrated record of successfully implementing and executing medium and long-term development plans, including general fundraising and foundation fundraising.
  • Experience with grant coordination, fundraising software and tools, financial tracking, or monitoring and evaluation.
  • Excellent organizational skills with emphasis on project and financial management.
  • Proven ability to balance long-term projects with quick turnaround deliverables.
  • Demonstrated ability to plan and execute events – Committed to building and strengthening a culture of inclusion within and across teams.
  • Passion for Western Hemisphere affairs.
  • Superb written and verbal skills in English and Spanish.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Social media proficiency.
  • Ability to travel internationally.


To apply, please email resume, cover letter, and writing sample to [email protected], with the subject heading President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Position by 31 October 2023, 5pm (EST).