Learning about think tank-impact investing partnerships

This project facilitates learning about partnerships between local think tanks and four national advisory boards for impact investing.

The impact investing market is worth over USD 700 billion. Yet it is a relatively young sector and still faces many challenges. Such as its capacity to effectively plan for, measure, and account for impact. We believe that local think tanks have a central role to play here.

A two-year pilot project led by the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) – funded by IDRC and Global Affairs Canada – partnered local think tanks with GSG-affiliated National Advisory Boards (NABs) in Colombia, Nigeria, Ghana, and Peru. Together, these NAB–think tank partnerships are working to generate a context-specific evidence base, designed to grow the impact investing ecosystem in their respective countries.

OTT and IMPACTO are project learning partners. Our work centres on the project’s meta-learning dimension, which explores the value and success of these NABs–think tank partnerships. This allows the NABs and their research partners to explore and build their partnerships in real time, in parallel to their research project.

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December 2021 – November 2023


35,000 GBP