Studying the changing Research for Development landscape in Latin America and the Caribbean for IDRC

Supported by  International Development Research Centre,
This project examines significant trends that have influenced the Research for Development field since 2019.

As a champion and funder of research and innovation in the Global South, the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) recognises the importance of understanding the changing context for research for development (R4D) in each region where it operates. 

IDRC hired OTT to undertake a short study on the primary trends and developments that have impacted the R4D field in Latin America and the Caribbean from 2019 to 2022 and examine the implications of these developments on the major actors within the R4D landscape. 

OTT is collaborating with Instituto Veredas and Hub LAC to deliver the project.


April – June 2023


CAD 15,171


Report: Understanding the changing context for Research for Development (R4D) in Latin America and the Caribbean since 2019