Narrative power & collective action: conversations with people working to change narratives for social good (Part 1)

[‘Narrative power and collective action’ is published as part of a collaboration between Oxfam and On Think Tanks.]

For better or worse, narratives are a powerful force. But recently perhaps it’s felt more like for the worse than better. Here, we want to talk about power of narrative and collective action for positive change.

Our starting point is civic space and defence of human rights. We held conversations with people across different sectors and disciplines – from activists and strategists to scientists and marketers – to learn about their work in the narrative change space.

This publication is a collection of these conversations. It reveals fascinating insights, stories and strategies from their day-to-day work. Whether you’re a narrative change specialist, or a front-line activist, we believe there’s a lot to learn from and be inspired by in these conversations.

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