On Think Tanks Conference 2020 online: a report

The OTT Conference 2020 online was a response to the need to postpone our 2020 conference in Berlin. The COVID-19 crisis unraveled our plans for a 4th annual conference with only weeks to go but, not wanting to lose the momentum and engagement of our community, we quickly found an alternative venue: hopin.to.

We labelled the OTT Conference 2020 online a pilot with only six sessions scheduled for the three days. Each day, we met for two and a half hours in several spaces: keynotes, parallel sessions, chat rooms, ‘speed-networking’ and coffee rooms and booths to encourage further discussions.

125 people from 37 different countries registered for the event. The online event offered the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones; we exchanged critical insights on issues of great relevance to the global think tank community; and we tested the platform and its capabilities.

With an overwhelmingly positive response from our community, this was the first of many to come.