15 Tips for Effective Communication -from Philanthropy411 Blog

30 May 2011

Kris Putnam-Walkerly outlines some key tips for developing an effective communication strategy -internal and external. Here are her headlines -the full article is here: 15 Tips for Effective Communication.

First of all she argues that a strategic communication plan should have:

  1. An internal communications plan
  2. An external communications plan

And they should include the following 13 components:

  1. Measurable goals and strategies
  2. Target audiences
  3. Identification of the message “frame”
  4. Key messages and persuasive strategies
  5. Opportunities and barriers for reaching key audiences
  6. Communications activities
  7. Communications vehicle
  8. Crisis communications
  9. Implementation plan
  10. Monitoring and evaluation
  11. Timing considerations
  12. Staffing
  13. Budget