Evaluating Communication Outputs

15 March 2012

Glenn O’Neil writes about evaluating communication outputs. Interesting approach and results.

intelligent measurement

Organizations spend millions on communication products every year. Brochures, annual reports, corporate videos and promotional materials are produced and distributed to a wide variety of audiences as part of broader communication programmes or as “stand alone” products.

However, working with many different types of organizations, I’ve noticed that little systematic follow-up is undertaken to evaluate how these products are used and what is their contribution to achieving communication or organizational goals.

I recently worked on a project where did just that – we evaluated specific communication products and attempted to answer the following questions:

  • Is the product considered to be of high quality in terms of design and content?
  • Is the product targeted to the right audiences?
  • Is the product available, accessible and distributed to the intended target audiences?
  • Is the product used in the manner for which it was intended – and for what other unintended purposes?
  • What has…

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