Twitter Manual for Governments

9 June 2017

Be sure to read the Government of Catalonia’s Twitter Manual for Governments!

Twitter and the Government of Catalonia have jointly published the Twitter Manual for Governments, a reference guide that provides techniques and ideas to help governments and public authorities around the world operate effectively on this social media platform.

The manual offers specific resources for institutional account managers to optimize content and interaction. It explains why a Twitter presence is important and how to draw up a specific communication strategy. It provides answers on what to post, when to tweet, how to interact with the public, how to react to criticism and how to measure effectiveness, among other issues.

Since 2009, the Government of Catalonia has been working to develop a Twitter presence in line with its innovative, multi-channel strategy for public services. Its experience may prove to be of great assistance to other governments. For this reason, the manual describes a number of flagship examples of the Government of Catalonia’s Twitter presence and reflects the model of collaborative and innovative operation organized by its professionals. Thus, the experiences described in the manual are not just intense and educational, but also pioneering.

Read it, share it, reuse it. This manual will help institutional Twitter account managers around the world improve the messages they post.

Ready to put these ideas and resources into practice?