What kind of policy entrepreneur are you?

20 June 2011

When I joined RAPID back in 2004, Simon Maxwell, then Director of ODI, had developed a questionnaire to decide the type of policy entrepreneur that one was -or more accurately, the type of approach that one felt more comfortable with.

Last night, looking through my files I found a spreadsheet I had put together for workshops and decided to upload it to Google Doc.

Here is the link to the Policy Entrepreneurship Questionnaire. Give it a go. All you need to do is follow the link and add some columns as if you were using excel  (if there are none left) and complete it (you might have to drag the formulae to the new column -but I’ll try to keep up with it if there is demand). You should get an answer right at the end (don’t peek).

Hopefully we can use the data generated. Please forward it to your contacts and within your organisations.

Let me know if you have any problems.